Top Benefits of Mylar Food Packaging

Finding the right packaging solution is important for any brand, but it is especially important for food brands. Food flexible packaging has to keep items safe from harm and fresh while still being appealing to potential customers, and it has to work with the environment where the food is stored. That means being resistant to freezer burn for many brands, among other things.


Child-resistant packaging has been becoming more and more popular in many industries. Mylar pouches and bags have been used in some medical settings to package sensitive supplies because they are so durable, but also because it is easy to design them in ways that take thought and care to access.

In the food industry, that kind of packaging also plays a role. It helps restrain impulsive children who are too young to understand whether they are getting into something they should eat without stopping any adult who can read the instructions and handle the packaging. This is an important consideration for any items that are meant for adult consumption only as well as anything that needs to be prepared before it is safe to eat. The more child-resistant the packaging, the more it will appeal to parents with small kids.

Puncture & Tear Resistant

Mylar is tough but lightweight, allowing it to resist punctures and tears well even when it is not incredibly thick. Thickness does help, however. You can find mylar packaging that is built to a variety of use cases, from flexible freezer packs built to lie flat to stand up pouches that are built with thicker walls to allow them to remain upright and to provide extra protection when you take them with you in a bag or backpack. When mylar packaging is designed for resealability and superior freshness is also tough enough to work on its own, without the need for extra food containers after an item is opened.

Contains Scent Well

Many popular products also have very strong scents, especially when fresh. Take coffee as an example. While the aroma of a fresh cup can smell like life itself to some people, even major coffee fans prefer packaging that doesn’t leave everything else in the grocery bag smelling like ground beans. Mylar contains smells incredibly well, which leads to another major benefit this material brings.

Retains Freshness

The reason custom mylar bags are so good at containing scent is the same reason they provide superior preservation so your products retain their freshness for longer. The material is incredibly airtight and it seals well, which means it can keep out the environmental factors that lead to spoilage, drying, and other signs of aging food.

Find a Mylar Packaging Solution Today

The key to a great packaging solution is flexibility. When you can customize everything from the dimensions and storage capacity to the exterior surfaces, you can get exactly what you need for each item you produce, no matter how widely their needs diverge. Mylar can do it all because it can be used for many different packaging structures quite easily. Browse your options today so you can establish the packaging supply line your business needs

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